Appraca Centrab

Exploring Progressive Modes of economic and financial cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region

Training Programs

The training programs of APRACA CENTRAB are consists of training courses and professional excursions. The core training courses of CENTRAB focus on rural and agricultural finance.

The training programs are designed to enable the participants, who are middle and senior officers of member institutions, to reach out and grasp opportunities of growth and development.


International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

In order to promote financial empowerment of the poor rural people in the Asia Pacific region, IFAD has collaborated with APRACA in its program for Accelerating the Financial Empowerment of Poor Rural Communities in Asia through Rural Finance Innovations or FinPower, in short. CENTRAB, playing a major role in the program, was able to produce two (2) training packages on Agricultural Microfinance and Small Coastal Fisheries Financing and Development, as part of Component 3 of this FinPower Programme.

Also, in line with this program, one (1) regional policy forum in Kunming, China and three (3) national policy fora in Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines were also conducted by CENTRAB.