Appraca Centrab

Exploring Progressive Modes of economic and financial cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region



As the training and research arm of APRACA, CENTRAB is committed to assist its member institutions in developing their rural finance systems through training and research.


  • Design, conduct and evaluate regional level workshops, core, current and special courses as well as research and comparative studies on rural finance;
  • Establish system for supervision and technical audit of training activities to strengthen internal policy-making processes; and
  • Upgrade networking facilities and instructional resources.
    • Objectives

      • To facilitate and promote the transfer of innovative technologies, ideas and practices in rural finances between and among member institutions and countries;
      • To facilitate provision of training to member institutions; and
      • To facilitate national, regional and international cooperation in training, special studies, and researches in credit and other rural financial systems.

Upcoming Activities

  • International Study Visit Program on the Best Practices of Agricultural Finance, Japan Perspective
  • International Study Visit Program on Financial Inclusion and Agribusiness Models of Vietnam
  • International Program on the Best Practices of Microfinance, Bangladesh Experience
  • International Program on Enhance Team Effectiveness Through Capability Development
  • International Exposure Visit on Integrated Agri Entrepreneurship for Small Farmers